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We’re passionate about real chocolate…

Tosier Chocolatemaker was launched at The Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival in 2017 after years of living abroad we have enjoyed exploring different styles of chocolate. The inspiration for the business came from Deanna, who once she discovered the amazing taste and benefits of real chocolate — as opposed to confectionery — set out on a journey to learn how to make real chocolate from cocoa beans.

‘I have always loved making things by hand and my decision to learn how to make chocolate was a combination of hard work, trial and error and beginner’s luck. My first attempts tasted good and this encouraged me on to learn more. To improve my understanding of the theory and context of chocolate I took Ecole Chocolat’s bean-to-bar course  and later a hands-on course with Chloe Doutre-Roussel and Marie Fernanda Di Giacobbe. I travelled to the US to buy the equipment I needed - this was the point of no return!’

Tosier chocolate is handmade in our dedicated chocolate factory - sorting, cracking, winnowing, grinding and conching our chocolate in twenty-four kilo batches. Making on this small scale enables us to keep a close eye on every stage of the process and produce the best quality chocolate.

Provenance and traceability are important. Tosier is part of a transparent supply chain which ensures that farmers get a fair price and which creates a meaningful impact for the cocoa-growing communities.